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Chapter 51: Coming Back to Existence

Remember this word experience. Life’s problems, all the problems of life, are existential, they are not speculative. You cannot solve them by thinking; you can solve them only by living them. Through living the future opens. Through thinking the future never opens. On the contrary, even the present closes.

You may not have observed: whenever you think, what happen? Whenever you think, you are closed. All that is present drops. You move on a dream-path in your mind. One word creates another, one thought creates another, and you go on moving. The more you move in thinking, the further away you go from existence. Thinking is a way to go away. It is a dream-way; it is dreaming in concepts. Come back to the earth. Religion is very earthly in this sense; not worldly but very earthly, substantial. Come back to existence.

Life’s problems can be solved only when you become deeply rooted in existence. Flying in thoughts you move away from the roots, and the further away you are, the less is the possibility of solving anything. Rather, you will confuse everything, and everything will become more entangled. And the more entangled, the more you will think, and the further away you will move. Beware of thinking!

Now we will enter the techniques.

The first technique:

In rain during a black night,
enter that blackness as the form of forms.

There has been one very old esoteric school about which you may not have heard. The school was known as the school of Essenes. Jesus was taught in that school; he belonged to the Essenes group. That Essenes group is the only group all over the world who thinks of God as absolute darkness. The Koran says God is light, the Upanishads say God is light, the Bible says God is light. The Essenes group is the only tradition in the world which says that God is absolute blackness, absolute darkness, just an infinite black night.

This is very beautiful; strange, but very beautiful - and very meaningful. You must understand the meaning, then this technique will be very helpful, because this is the technique used by the Essenes to enter darkness, to become one with it.

Reflect. Why has godliness been symbolized everywhere as light? Not because godliness is light, but because man is afraid of darkness. This is human fear - we like light and we are afraid of darkness, so we cannot conceive godliness as darkness, as blackness. This is human conception. We conceive godliness as light because we are afraid of darkness.

Our gods are created out of our fear. We give them shape and form. That shape and form is given by us - it shows something about us, not about our gods. They are our creations. We are afraid in darkness, so godliness is light. But these techniques belong to the other school.

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