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Chapter 3: The Quiet Way to the Happy Country

The scientists say that each child passes quickly, very speedily, through the whole evolution of humanity. From the fish to the monkey to the man, he passes through all the phases - of course in very quick succession because he has to fulfill the whole evolution in nine months. That’s why a premature child is a little retarded, because he has not evolved yet completely; he has not been able to complete the whole cycle of evolution. Every child begins as a fish in the mother’s womb. Will you be able to recognize that fish as you? But one day that was your form. Will you be able to recognize your face the day you were born? If a picture is shown to you it will be impossible for anybody to recognize that, “This is me.” Right now you have a certain form; that form will also go down the drain in the same way. Every moment it is changing.

But there is something eternal in you: your consciousness, your being, your awareness. You can call it your soul, whatsoever you want to call it; names don’t matter. But one thing is certain: that you don’t have any particular form; you pass through many forms. You can pass through many forms only because you don’t have any form, so don’t become attached to any form. Don’t become attached to any name and don’t become attached to any form.

This is the beginning of sannyas. This is the beginning of initiation into the path.

In fact, you don’t have any father, you don’t have any mother; you can’t have. The father fathered your body and the mother mothered your body; they both contributed to your body, to your form, but not to your essential core. Your body is accidental. You have been in many bodies before, thousands of bodies. You have passed through, you have lived in many, many houses, and when you were living in a certain house you became identified with it.

Hence the pain of death. It is not because of death, remember; it is just because of your identification with the body, with the form. If you understand the message of Buddha, there is no pain in death. If you are not identified with any name or form there is nobody who is born and there is nobody who is dying.

In fact, that should be the real meaning of Jesus’ virgin birth. Everybody is born in the same way. It is not only that you don’t have a father, you don’t have a mother either. The day you discover your original being you will know that you pass through the mother and the father, you come through them, but you are not created by them.

A snoopy social worker investigating conditions in an old tenement stopped a ragged, neglected-looking youngster and asked him where his mother lived.

“Ain’t got no mother,” replied the child.

“What about your father, then?”

“Ain’t got none, lady.”

“What, both your father and your mother dead!” exclaimed the social worker.

“Nope, never had any.”

“Good grief, but that’s impossible, my boy!”

“If you’ve gotta know, lady,” said the urchin contemptuously, “some damned racketeer played a dirty trick on my aunt.”

In fact, nobody has a father or a mother - and no dirty racketeer has played any trick on your aunt either. You are eternal beings: you are never born and you never die. Death and birth are episodes in the long journey, in the eternal journey of your life. Life does not begin with birth and does not end with death.

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