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Chapter 21: No Mind, No Time

The woman said, “I cannot wait anymore. You have been telling me this for almost two years.”

The man said, “If you insist we can get married today.”

The woman asked one question, which perhaps is inside every woman: “You love me so much. Will you also love me when I am old?”

The man was shocked with the very idea of her being old. He said, “You are putting me in a dilemma. Just one thing you have to tell me: when you are old will you look like your mother? If so, then I am finished. I don’t want to get married!”

But every woman is naturally afraid when she becomes old. Man has reduced woman into a commodity. Fresh, young, juicy, she has a market value. As all these phenomenal, momentary things pass by, her price in the marketplace goes down. In her old age, unless she has attained some insight into her consciousness, which is always young and fresh and which need not be dependent on anybody else, death is really a great horror. The very word death is associated with something terrible.

You need not be worried about death. Meditation is the cure, the cure from the fallacy that one dies.

Nobody has ever died, ever. Death is simply the greatest fiction, which we go on believing because we always see somebody else dying; we never see ourselves dying. So knowingly or unknowingly we go on believing that it is always the other who dies.

Obviously, when you die you will die to others. And in this continuous flow of millions of years, everybody has only seen somebody else dying. Nobody has seen himself dying except very exceptional people whose meditation has gone so deep that the moment they are separated from their body they know that the body was always dead, that it consisted of dead materials: the life that was showing in the body was just the inflow of eternal life that was reflected in the body.

The constant river of eternal life flowing within you also makes your body look alive. The moment the eternal flow has moved, has changed its course, your body comes to its reality. But you never die. And the whole art of meditation is to make you aware and alert that you are not the body.

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