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Chapter 32: Desirelessness

The Christian story has made God very ugly. If I have to write the story again, the first instructions I will give to Adam and Eve - and those are the instructions I am giving to you - will be: Eat the fruit of wisdom, eat the fruit of eternal life. You belong to the ultimate consciousness, you belong to deathlessness.

You are a buddha.

You just have to be shaken up.

It is not that you have to do many austerities and knock on the doors and beg and pray: “God, Father, please open the door. I will never eat the fruit, I will never look at it.” You are sitting under the tree. Just open your eyes, and wisdom is yours, and eternal life is yours. And these are not two trees.

The story is wrong on many points. First, a God who is a father cannot prevent you from eternal life, and cannot prevent you from being wise. Secondly, wisdom and eternal life are not two; they are two aspects of the same experience.

I declare to you; this is the Garden of Eden.

If you want to sleep a little more, there is no harm. There is no need to be in a hurry either. Sleep well; just stop dreaming.and you will wake up. It is the dreams which go on keeping you asleep.

In other words, I can define meditation as a non-dreaming consciousness.