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Chapter 19: The Golden Flower Is Opening

Now you can be certain: the Buddha is not far away, the dawn is close by, the night is over. On the terrace of this vision of gold and diamonds, of the eternal body - as this brilliance crystallizes a terrace arises - in the course of time, the Buddha appears.

One cannot do anything beyond this point. When the Golden Flower has crystallized, when the lotus has crystallized, you cannot do anything beyond this point. Now one has simply to wait: sitting silently, doing nothing, and the spring comes, and the grass grows by itself. One moment,

.in the course of time.

When the spring comes.

.Buddha appears. When the golden being appears who should it be but the Buddha?

In the East we have called it Buddha, in the West you have called it Christ - it is the same principle.

For the Buddha is the golden holy man of the great enlightenment. This is a great confirmatory experience.

And when you have seen within yourself a terrace of brilliancy, a crystallized light and on the terrace of it Buddha appearing, when you have seen the Golden Flower open, bloomed, and on the golden lotus Buddha appearing, you have come home.

This is the ultimate goal. This has to be found. This can be found. This is your birthright. If you miss, only you will be responsible, nobody else. Risk all, but don’t miss it! Sacrifice all, but don’t miss it!

Enough for today.