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Chapter 32: An Encounter with Existence

If you can love, simply love without there being any object of love, then you can also surrender without there being any object of surrender. It is difficult -rather, it is impossible to conceive of surrender just as an act within you, without there being anyone to be surrendered to.

You can surrender to me. But surrender means that you are not asking for anything. Everything will be given, but don’t ask. Your asking becomes the barrier. Surrender means trust: even if nothing happens you will wait, you will not lose trust. Even if nothing happens and your whole life is wasted you will wait. If you can wait in such a deep way, everything will happen this very moment. It can happen this very moment! There is no need to promise for the future, it can happen here and now.

But surrender, and surrender without any conditions, without asking for any promise. Your very asking will destroy the promise. I promise - but that promise is just a consequence, not a precondition. It will happen, because that’s how the law of the universe works.

It is going to happen, but please, you need not be concerned about the result. Just be concerned with the act of surrendering, not with the result. Leave the result to the divine, to the eternal law, to the Tao.

Now be ready for the night meditation.