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Chapter 10: Intelligent People Are Dangerous

More Nobel prizes go to Jews than to anybody else. And wherever they are they succeed, whatsoever they are doing they bring a certain magic to it. So whenever they feel a certain vibe, a certain phenomenon happening anywhere, they are the first to reach, they are the first to reap the crop.

Yes, the question arises to many people. Almost fifty percent of my sannyasins are Jews - so many Jews that sometimes I become suspicious whether perhaps I am a Jew!

Alexandra, you are right, your curiosity is right. But they can understand what I am saying. In fact, they have to drop a certain guilt that they have carried for two thousand years. If they can feel in tune with me, their guilt for killing Jesus will disappear. Deep down the guilt is there; they need somebody who can take away that guilt. It is like a thorn in their very soul - it hurts. They may not say it, but it hurts. They destroyed their greatest flowering.

Jesus was their highest potential actualized; he was the highest peak of Jewish intelligence - and they destroyed it. They are carrying the wound; they are wounded people. They want somebody who can heal the wound.

But the problem is: if you go to the priests they wound you more. Go anywhere, you will be wounded more, because your so-called religions all exist on your guilt. The greater the guilt, the more is their power over you. They make you feel guilty, they make you feel sinners.

I am a totally different kind of man: I help you to get rid of your guilt. I want to tell you that you are not sinners, and to commit mistakes is just human - to err is human. There is no need to make much fuss about it. And your errors are small; just a little awareness and they will disappear. You do not need to be thrown into hell.

And just see the stupidity of the idea.. Christians say that once you are in hell you are there for eternity. Nobody comes out of hell. It has no exit, only the entrance. And then for eternity! - the very idea is absurd. Even the greatest criminal need not be punished for eternity.

Bertrand Russell has said, “When I look at my sins, if I confess all my sins that I have committed, they are not many, they are not very big. I have not murdered people. Then the cruelest magistrate can send me to jail at the most for four years. And if my thoughts are also to be included, not only my actions, then eight years jail, that’s all.” He has written a beautiful book, Why I Am Not A Christian. And among the many that he has given, this is one of the reasons: “I cannot agree with the idea of eternal hell. Nobody has committed such a sin that he should be thrown for eternity into hell - forever, no escape. And nobody has done so much good that he should be enjoying paradise for ever and ever.”

But religions have existed, and they are powerful, for the simple reason that they create fear in you - fear of hell - and they create greed in you - greed for heaven. They wound you deeply. The more you bleed, the more your wound bleeds, the more powerful they are over you.

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