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Chapter 31: The Festive Dimension

You cannot just drop your sexuality because some stupid priest is saying that it is wrong. It has nothing to do with your idea of right and wrong, it is something natural - something in the very being. You have come out of it, each of your cells is a sexual cell. Just by saying, you cannot drop it. Yes, you can start repressing it, and by repressing you can go on accumulating it in the unconscious, and that becomes a wound. And the more you repress, the more obsessed you become with it. And the more obsessed you become, the more guilty you feel. It is a vicious circle. Now you are caught in the trap of the priest. And the priest himself has never believed in it, neither has the politician ever believed in it. These things were for the people, for the masses. The masses have been befooled.

The stories say that kings used to have hundreds of wives, and so was the case with priests. And it is a miracle: the people continued to believe in these charlatans.

Just in this century, just fifty years ago, the Nizam of Hyderabad had five hundred wives and was still thought to be a very religious man because he followed all the rituals. The priest and the politician have both been doing all that they have been telling the people not to do, sometimes openly, sometimes from the back door.

I have heard.there is an old saying, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

But the priests have been fooling you down the ages, and they have fooled you so long that it is now almost an accepted phenomenon. It has been so ancient that we take it for granted - nobody thinks that they are being fooled.

It reminds me of a church a friend of mine went to which runs raffles. Once a year they get three automobiles, and they put them up in front of the church, and they sell the chances. Last year they raffled off a Cadillac, a Mercury, and a Plymouth. Three days after the raffle the pastor was walking down the street, and he bumped into my friend coming out of a thirst parlor.

My friend looked at him and said, “Can you tell me who won the automobiles? Who won the Cadillac?”

And the priest said, “Why, the Cardinal did. Wasn’t he lucky?” And my friend said, “Who won the Mercury?”

“Why, the Monsignor did. Wasn’t he lucky?”

And my friend said, “Well, tell me, who won the Plymouth?” And the priest said, “Why, Father Murphy. Wasn’t he lucky?”

At that moment my friend started to go back in and get another drink. The priest grabbed him and said, “By the way, how many tickets did you buy?”

And my friend said, “I didn’t buy a damned one! Wasn’t I lucky?”

The priests have tremendously harmed the human heart, human consciousness. They have put this poisonous idea in man that life is something ugly. They have been teaching people how to get rid of life. I teach my people how to get deeper into it. They have been teaching how to be free of life. I teach how to make your life free. They have been teaching how to end this life, and I am teaching you how to move into it for eternity, on and on, how to live life abundantly, hence the controversy. It is bound to be there. My vision is just the opposite to what has been taught in the name of religion.

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