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Chapter 4: Get Out of Your Dreams

The first question:

Please explain how a seed can flower without the bit in between.

The seed can flower without the gap, without the time gap in between, because the seed is already flowering. You are already that which you can become. If it was not so, then the seed could not flower right now; then time would be needed. Then Zen is not possible, then only Patanjali is the way. If you are to become something, a time process will be a must. But this is the point to understand: all those who have known have also known that “becoming” is a dream. You are already the being. You are perfect as you are.

Imperfection appears because you are fast asleep. The flower is already flowering, only your eyes are closed. If the seed has to reach to the flower then much time will be needed. And this is no ordinary flower: God has to flower in you. Then even eternity will not be enough, then it is almost impossible. If you have to flower, then it is almost impossible. It is not going to happen; it cannot happen. Eternity will be needed.

No, that is not the thing. It can happen right now, this very moment; not even a single moment has to be lost. The question is not of the seed becoming a flower, the question is of opening the eyes. You can open your eyes right now and then you find the flower has always been flowering. It was never otherwise; it could not have been otherwise.

God is always there within you; just a look and it is manifested. Not that it was hidden in a seed; you were not looking at it. So only this much is needed - that you look at it. Whatsoever you are, look at it, become aware of it. Don’t move like a sleepwalker.

That’s why it is related that many Zen masters, when they became awakened, roared with laughter. Their disciples could not understand, their fellow travelers could not understand what had happened: Why are they roaring madly? Why this laughter? They were laughing because of the whole absurdity. They were seeking that which was already achieved. They were running after something which was already there within them. They were seeking something somewhere else which was hidden in the seeker himself.

The seeker is the sought; the traveler is the goal. You are not to reach somewhere else, you are to reach only to yourself. This can happen in a single moment; even a fraction of a moment is enough. If the seed has to become a flower, then eternity is not enough because it is a flower of God. If you are already the god, then just a look back, just a look within and it can happen.

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