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Chapter 4: Religiousness Is beyond the Realms of Time

Religion has no history. That which appears and disappears, comes and goes, begins and ends, has history; religion is eternal, without beginning and without end. Eternal means that which is everlasting, timeless. So religion cannot have a history, a record of events and dates. And no enlightened person can say when Krishna happened or did not happen. It is not at all necessary, nor has it any relevance. If someone says it has, he only betrays his ignorance.

We were never born, nor are we ever going to die. We have been here since eternity. Only eternity is.

But we all keep track of time continuously, from morning to morning. And we measure everything with the yardstick of time, which is natural and yet not true. It is an index of our poor understanding, and we cannot do better than our understanding. In this context I am reminded of a fable.

A frog from the ocean visited his friend living in a small well. The well-frog wanted to know what the ocean was like. The visiting frog said it was much too big to be known from such a small space as a well. The well frog jumped halfway across the well and said, “Is your ocean this big?”

The other frog said, “Excuse me, it is impossible to measure the vastness of the ocean by the tiny yardstick of a well.”

Then the well-frog took a bigger jump, jumping from one end of the well to the other, and said, “This large?” But when the visiting frog shook his head his friend grew angry and said, “You seem to be crazy. No place on the whole earth can be bigger than my well. Yet I will try another way to know how large your ocean is.” And then he made a round of the whole well and said, “It cannot be more than this.”

But he still failed to convince the visitor who said again, “In comparison with the ocean this well is nowhere; it is too small to be a measure of the ocean.”

The well-frog lost his temper and said to his visitor, “Get out of here! I cannot stand this nonsense. Have you ever seen anything bigger than this well? Even the sky, which is said to be the largest space, is only as big as this well, no bigger. I have always watched it from here; it is no more than the well.”

We all live in the well of time. Here everything appears and disappears, comes and goes. Here everything is fragmented something has become the past, something is future, and in between the past and future there is a tiny movement known as the present, which goes as soon as it comes. And we want to know who happened in what moment. In some moment we experience ourselves imprisoned in some well and we want to know that moment and that well.

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