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Chapter 11: It Is Pure Light.Pure Delight

The religions born in India have an eternal expanse - life after life. There is no hurry, there is no haste. But man is so stupid that you solve one question, and out of the solution a thousand other questions will arise. The idea of many lives was really to help you to relax: there is no hurry; the eternity is yours, so don’t run, just walk the way you go for a morning walk - at ease, relaxed.

That was the idea of the people who gave the conception of reincarnation, but people are such that rather than becoming relaxed, they became lazy. They said, “There is no hurry, so why bother even to walk? Running is out of the question but even to go for a morning walk, what is the need? Eternity is yours - you can go any time for your morning walk.”

The East became poor because of this, because no technology was evolved. Technology is just to make things quickly, to produce things faster than man can do with his own hands. The people remained poor, went on becoming poorer. The idea was good, but the consequences proved not to be good.

The West has just the opposite idea - of a small life. It created great tension and anxiety, but it created technology, scientific developments, richness, comfort, luxuries; it created everything. But the man inside was lost, because he was always running. He was never where he was; he was always going for something else. And that goal where you can stop never comes. So in the West people have means of speed, and they are going fast. But don’t ask them, “Where are you going?” Don’t waste their time in asking such stupid questions! All that matters is that they are going fast; it does not matter where they are going and why they are going.

Both ideas have failed. Eastern religions have not been of help; Western religions have not been of help. They both tried to give you an idea, but they never gave you an insight into your own being. That’s where I differ.

For example, your question is that you understand “relax and let the grass grow by itself,” but still you go on pushing. No, you don’t understand. The first thing for you to understand is that you don’t understand the meaning of the grass growing by itself. If you understand that, the pushing, the forcing, will disappear. When I say it will disappear, I am not saying it will stop. It will differ with different people.

If you understand what it means that the grass grows by itself.such a vast universe is going so silently, so peacefully; millions of solar systems, millions of stars moving day in, day out, from eternity to eternity.. If you understand that existence is happening, it is not doing, then if pushing is your nature you will accept it. It is not a question of stopping it, because that will be again doing. You simply understand that things are happening, that this is how you are: that you push, that you force. Then there is a great acceptance of it, and in that acceptance, the tension disappears.

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