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Chapter 6: The Psychology of Dreams

The etheric dreaming is not unconscious. It is as conscious as the physiological dreaming is, but conscious on another level, on another plane. So if you can become conscious of your etheric body, the dreaming concerned with that realm becomes conscious.

And as physiological dreams can be created from the outside, etheric dreams can also be created, stimulated. And there are methods: mantra is one which can create etheric visions - they are etheric dreams. A particular mantra, a particular arrangement of sound, can create etheric dreams. A particular nada - a particular word - repeatedly, repeatedly sounded in the etheric center can create etheric dreams. So gurus revealing themselves before their disciples is nothing but etheric travel, etheric dreaming.

There are so many methods. Sound is one of them; perfume is another. Sufis have used perfume to create etheric visions. Mohammed was very fond of perfume. A particular perfume can create a particular dream.

Color can be of help. Leadbeater once dreamed an etheric dream of blueness - just blue, but of a particular shade. He began to search for that particular blue, the color, all over the world; that particular blue was searched for all over the markets of the world. And after years of search, it was found in an Italian shop - a velvet of that particular shade. That velvet was used to create etheric dreams in others also.

The aura of the body.everybody has a particular aura, and the color of it comes from the etheric realm. When someone goes deep in meditation and sees colors and colors and colors, and perfumes and sounds and music absolutely unknown, these too are dreams, dreams of the etheric body. But because we have only searched within the mind on one level of existence, the physiological, these dreams have either been interpreted in the language of the physiological or discarded, or neglected - or absolutely put into the unconscious.

To put anything into the unconscious is really to deny it, that we don’t know anything about it - that esoterical trick of escape. Nothing is unconscious, but everything conscious in the deeper level, is unconscious for the previous one. For the physical, the etheric is unconscious; for the etheric, the astral is unconscious; for the astral, the mental is unconscious. “Conscious” means that which is known. “Unconscious” means that which is still not known, the unknown one.

The so-called “spiritual vision” is of the etheric: etheric dreaming. That is why.they are astral dreams: in your astral dreaming you go into your previous lives. That is your third dimension of dreaming. You can go into your past birth. Sometimes in the ordinary dream, there may be a part of the etheric or a part of the astral. Then the dream becomes a muddle, a mess; then you cannot understand it. Then it becomes impossible to understand because your seven bodies are simultaneously in existence, and something of another realm can pass through the barriers of another, can penetrate into it, can trespass it. Sometimes, even in ordinary dreams, there are fragments of the etheric or astral. Ordinary dreams too: something penetrates things which are not of the physiological.

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