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Chapter 13: Christianity Is an Empty Box

This is the last effort of a dying religion. You drop those doctrines - they are dangerous, they are killing you - so you jump upon something else that can give you a resurrection. But ethics is purely a science in itself. It thinks about values - which have nothing to do with Hindu, Mohammedan or Christian. Ethics is not going to save Christianity; it is not going to give a resurrection.

There is no possibility for Christianity, and it will be good that they accept it and drop the dead body. It is a great load, and by carrying it unnecessarily, you are missing your life. Living with a dead religion you are bound to become dead. Your churches are graveyards. There is no song of life, there is no dance of existence.

It is better to simply get out of the old habit. These are just old habits. I don’t know why Christian priests, nuns, bishops.why their clothes are called “habits” - I don’t know. But one thing I know: just drop the habit! - whatever it means. Just be natural and human.

It is not only a question of Christianity. Your question was concerned with Christianity; otherwise the same is the situation with other religions.

Man has come of age, and he does not need those old, superstitious religions; he needs a more scientific approach to explore his being. That will be possible only if he gets rid of the old habits. And they are very dirty, because for thousands of years the same habits have been used by so many people. They are stinking! Get out of those habits as quickly as possible.

This morning, as you spoke of the “questionless answer,” I watched my questions dissolving into silence, which I shared for a moment with you. But one question survived, and that is: If we don’t ask you questions, how are we going to play with you?

That’s really a question!

It will be difficult, so whether you have the questions or not, still you can go on asking. Your question need not be yours, but it must be somebody else’s, somewhere. And my answer may help somebody somewhere, sometime. So let us continue the game.

I cannot say anything on my own. Unless there is a question, I am silent. Because of the question it is possible for me to respond. So it does not matter whether the question is yours; what matters is that the question is bound to be somebody’s somewhere.

I am not only answering you. I am answering, through you, the whole of humanity.not only the contemporary humanity, but also the humanity that will be coming when I will not be here to answer.

So find out all the possible angles and questions, so that anybody, even in the future when I am not here, who has a question can find an answer in my words.

To us it is a play. To somebody it may become really a question of life and death.