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Chapter 4: The Last Chance to Rebel

The Upanishads say, “God is, and you are that: tat tvam asi.” The Upanishads say, “God is, and I am God.” These are assertions arising out of ecstasy. They have no ethics, no morality, no reference even. The Christian mind, the Mohammedan mind, the Jewish mind, cannot understand why these books are thought to be religious. They may be good literature, but why are they thought to be religious?

And if you ask one who has reached the same ecstasy as the Upanishadic seers, he will say the Bible, the Talmud, the Koran, they are ethical, moral, but what do they have to do with religion? They are good, because they make a society move smoothly, but they have nothing religious in them - or maybe only a few statements here and there. The major part is ethical; the religious part seems to be so small that it can be neglected, ignored. And it has been ignored.

To come to know that nothing is good, nothing is bad, is a turning point; it is a conversion. You start looking in; the outside reality loses meaning. The social reality is a fiction, a beautiful drama: you can participate in it, but then you don’t take it seriously. It is just a role to be played; play it as beautifully, as efficiently, as possible. But don’t take it seriously, it has nothing of the ultimate in it.

The ultimate is the inner; the indivisible soul knows it. And, to come to that soul, this is a good turning-point.

You say, “Good and bad have ceased to exist.” This is the right moment to take sannyas, this is what sannyas is all about. Now there is no need to wait, now there is no need even to ask my permission. Sannyas is already happening. Enter into this buddhafield. You have waited long - too long, really.

I have heard: An old couple reached the divorce court. They were really ancient, ninety-five years old, and they had been married for seventy-five years. The judge could not believe his eyes. He said, “So you are thinking of divorce now, after seventy-five years of married life? Why now?”

They looked at each other, and then the old man said, “Well, we waited till all the children were dead.”

People go on waiting and waiting and waiting. Now, what hope! There is no need to wait any more. You are welcome, you are ready. Even people who are not ready, I welcome them - because those who are not ready today may be ready tomorrow. Those who are not ready when they take sannyas, may be ready after they have taken sannyas. And who am I to refuse you if existence accepts you? I am nobody to refuse you.

That’s why nobody is refused, no condition is made, nobody is thought to be unworthy. If existence thinks you worthy of being alive, that’s enough proof that you are also worthy of becoming a sannyasin.

You say, “I am neither proud nor ashamed and yet I am both.” That’s the state of confusion. You will find everything like that - neither this nor that, yet both.