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Chapter 20: Everything Is Love

Just wait a minute. First let me finish your first question, otherwise you will be in difficulty to figure it out. For three and a half years I was silent to sort out those people who were hanging around my words, who were enchanted by my words, who loved my voice, who loved the way I speak, I argue.

But that is not my basic function. I speak to help you to be silent. I say something so that you can go beyond words. I use words to help you to go into wordlessness. It is just like having a thorn in the foot: with another thorn you pull it out. Your mind is full of words, so many, and so much chattering - yakkety-yak, yakkety-yak - it goes on and on. But then people became intoxicated with my words. That was not my purpose. I continuously insisted, “Don’t be concerned with my words. Be concerned with my silences, the gaps between the words, the gaps between the lines.”

Three years I remained silent. A few remained hanging around for a few months, some managed to hang around for one or two years. Three years was too much: by and by, they all left me thinking that I was going to remain silent forever. The day I saw that all those people who were interested in my words - but not in silence - had left, it was time to speak.

And this speaking is totally different from the speaking that was there three and a half years ago, because I was speaking to people who were listening through the head. I was arguing, I was rationalizing, I was doing everything to convince their heads. Now there is no need of that, I have got people with whom I can talk heart to heart. My words don’t pass through their heads; there is no scrutiny in their heads when they hear my words. My words simply penetrate directly into their hearts.

Albert Einstein has proved according to non-Euclidean geometry that there are no straight lines in existence. He is right as far as objective lines are concerned. Every line is a curve - of a very big circle, so you cannot see it as a curve. If you go on drawing the line at both ends, one day you will find that you have made a circle.

In existence there are no straight lines - for the simple reason, if we draw a straight line here on the floor it looks absolutely straight, but it cannot be because the earth is round. This small straight line is just a piece of a vast circle which goes around the earth. Einstein is dead, otherwise I would have said to him that I know there are lines which go straight too. But those lines are not of geometry, they are lines of love.

I experience it every day. My being and my sannyasins’ beings are joined not by curved lines but straight lines. Now it is a totally different affair; I can say whatsoever I want to say. Three and a half years ago I had to say things which people wanted to hear. I had to drop a few things because they would not be able to digest them. I had to impose interpretations on Jesus, on Krishna, on Buddha, for the simple reason that if I impose that interpretation on Jesus I can have a certain communication with the Christian - we can come close.

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