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Chapter 5: Is He Dead?

Once people thought that there was only one mathematics; now they know there can be many, because man can create them. Once people knew that there was only one geometry - Euclid’s; now they know that you can create as many geometries as you want, because they are man-created. So now there is Euclidean geometry and non-Euclidean geometry.

Many mathematicians have played with numbers. Leibnitz worked with three digits: one, two, three. In Leibnitz’ mathematics, two plus two cannot be four, because the four doesn’t exist: one, two, three - only three digits are there, so in Leibnitz’ mathematics two plus two will become ten, because after three comes ten. The four doesn’t exist. Einstein worked with two digits: one and two, so two plus two in Einstein’s mathematics will be eleven. And they are all right, because the whole game is man-made. It is up to you.

There is no inner necessity to believe in nine or ten digits, except that man has ten fingers, so people started counting on the fingers. That’s why ten became the basic unit all over the world; otherwise there is no necessity.

Mathematics is a thought product: you can ask a question and a right answer can be given to you - but except for mathematics everything moves into the mysterious. If it belongs to life, no answer can be given. And whatsoever you say will be destructive because the whole cannot be said. Words are so narrow, tunnel-like; you cannot force the sky into them, it is impossible.

Second thing to remember: when you ask something of a master - a master is not a philosopher, he is not a thinker; he knows, he is a seer - when you ask something of a master, don’t look for and don’t wait for his answer, because he is the answer. When you ask something, don’t be attentive towards the answer; be attentive towards the master, because he is the answer. He is not going to give you any answer; his presence is the answer. But there we miss.

You go and you ask a question; your whole mind is attentive to the question and you are waiting for the answer - but the master, his whole being, his presence is the answer. If you look at him, if you watch him, you will receive an indication - his silence, the way he looks at you in that moment, the way he walks, the way he behaves, the way he remains silent or talks. The master is the answer, because it lies in an indication. The master can show you the truth, but cannot say it. And your mind is always obsessed with the answer: “What is he going to say?”

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