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Chapter 10: A Man Like Me Cannot Be Ignored

They are jealous, and jealousy turns into anger, turns into hostility. If they were a little intelligent they would have come here - but they won’t come. They should come and see what we have done. They can also do it. We are available to help them: we will welcome them, whatever we are doing here. We are self-sufficient in our food, our vegetables, our fruits, our milk products. They can be also - they have better land than we have.

This was completely a desert and we are bent on making it one of the most lush, green parts of the world. They can learn it too, but rather than coming here, rather than being friendly, they are trying in every way to destroy us. This is simply an animal attitude. It is nothing strange, it is expected. But they are being defeated in every court, and we are going to fight to the very end.

A very strange situation: we are fighting for the American constitution against the Americans, because the Americans are doing things which are against the American constitution. And I have always had respect for the American constitution. It is the only constitution in the whole world which has some hope for humanity and the Americans are destroying it in every possible way.

I had come here thinking that I was going to a country which is contemporary. It is not so. In India there was no problem: I knew it was an ancient, rotten, dead country. But America is so new, fresh, young. Has it gotten rotten within just three hundred years? Has it forgotten completely what it stands for?

It is disgusting to see President Ronald Reagan trying to enforce prayer in schools. Then why are you against communism? Then why not hand over the whole country to the Soviet Union? Why take on unnecessary troubles? This is against the constitution of America. Religion should not interfere in the state; the state should not interfere in religion. Trying to introduce prayer in every school, every educational institution, in colleges, universities, is a tremendous interference with freedom.

Just a few days ago I heard that a Boy Scout - who was one of the topmost, he had won many awards - was refused promotion because he said, “I do not believe in God.” Now, this is strange. What do Scouts have to do with God? And if an intelligent boy says, “I do not believe in God,” he is thrown out, he cannot be a member - it is something absolutely necessary that you believe in God. This is strange, absolutely strange!

Nobody can prove what God is. Nobody has ever been able to give any proof, any argument that is logical, rational, about God. It is simply a fiction, the greatest lie that man has invented. And you are trying to indoctrinate your children into lies?

Just now I heard that one of the most important Christian fundamentalists, Jerry Falwell, is trying to have the Bible recognized by the government, by the people, as infallible. And the Bible is such a rotten book! If the Supreme Court is fair, they will make the Bible x-rated. It is pornography, pure pornography. It is simply ugly. You can find everything that is ugly there: sodomy, people making love to animals, homosexuality, all kinds of perversions. And Jerry Falwell says every single word in the Bible is pure truth - even Adam and Eve are not fictions, not a story, but a historical fact.

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