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Chapter 30: The Master Only Makes You Remember Who You Are

When I write down a question to you, with every word, more and more questions are arising within me. It is almost impossible to write down a single sentence without getting lost in the jungle of questions. By the time I am finished with one question, I am completely exhausted. I want to know it all, Osho, so desperately, that tears are coming in my eyes. It might be the wrong way to start, but I want to know it all. I want to ask everything and I want to know all the answers to everything. Osho, would you please comment?

Mind is just like a tree: questions grow on the tree like leaves. If you cut one leaf, the tree will replace it with three leaves, at least. That’s how a gardener makes the tree thick, the foliage big.

Mind is very productive as far as questions are concerned. It manufactures only questions. And each answer, mind will immediately change into hundreds of questions. No answer is going to stop the mind. So you are on a wrong track, completely wrong. And what are you going to do by knowing all? Do you want to become a god?

There are people who say that even God committed mistakes in making existence. There are people who propose that if God had taken their advice, the world would have been far better. And you cannot simply reject them, they have a certain validity.

Just look at life and you will find how many mistakes God has committed. Just a few examples..

The biblical story is that first God created Adam and not Eve; Eve was the second woman that he created. He had created another woman before Eve. Christians don’t talk about it, Jews are silent about it, because it will raise so many questions - what happened to the first woman?

But the very first night, the first mistake - he made only one small bed. It was not a double bed, king-size. What a foolish God, creating a man and a woman and giving them a small bed.

The first night, the fight started that you are still fighting. The woman wanted to sleep on the bed. The man also wanted to sleep on the bed and there was a pillow fight. They could not sleep the whole night because nobody was ready to sleep on the floor.

Even an ordinary carpenter would have been better. Adam went to God and said, “What kind of life have you given to me? This is going to be continuous trouble. Why have you made a small bed?”

And a second mistake: rather than making a big bed, which was a simple thing.. For a god who can make the whole universe, to make a king-size bed would have been very simple, but rather than doing that, he withdrew the woman. And that was the right woman because she was made equal to man - in strength, in body, in intelligence, in everything she was equal to man.

These thousands of years of torture all over the world of women by men, would have been avoided just by making a king-size bed! But he made another woman, this time not equal. The first woman was made out of the same mud as Adam was made. The second woman was made by taking a rib of Adam, and out of the rib, the woman was made. Naturally, she cannot claim equality - she’s only a rib.

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