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Chapter 4: Because You Are Buddhas

The first question:

You say one can take a jump for quick attainment of enlightenment. Is it possible? Enlightenment means going upward, isn’t it? But a jump can only be taken if we want to go downward, like jumping from a multistoried mansion onto the ground. How can one jump from the ground to the top of the mansion? One can only go upward, ascending something. Please explain.

You miss the whole point, and you miss it in the analogy. Enlightenment is “going nowhere,” neither upward nor downward. Enlightenment is to be where you are - right now, this very moment. It is not a going; it is being. You don’t go anywhere in enlightenment. Buddha is not going, climbing, to the Everest. You go inward; and that dimension of inwardness is neither upward nor downward. It doesn’t belong to the upward or the downward; those are the outer directions. Inside, you are exactly where you are. Enlightenment is not going, but being - being totally still. Hence, the jump is possible.

You are true. If it is going upward, how can you jump? In fact, even if it is going downward, to jump from the Everest will be simple stupidity. You will die. No, it is neither downward nor upward. You simply close yourself from all directions. You by and by settle within.

The Greek word, the Greek root, for the English word mystic is very, very beautiful. The Greek root means “to be set up in oneself.” Then you become a mystic - no going, no movement. Right this moment if you are not moving in any direction whatsoever - down-up, right-left, future-past - not moving anywhere, then your consciousness is still, with no wavering. In that moment there is enlightenment. That’s why a jump is possible. How can you jump from Pune to Calcutta? It is impossible. You can jump inside because you are already it. No time is needed, only understanding. No postponement is necessary, no need to say “tomorrow.”

Only understanding is needed. You understand and it happens immediately. So the whole effort is because the understanding is not there.

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