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Chapter 29: Judgment Day: A Very Stupid Idea

The rabbis could not forgive this man. Whatever he was doing was according to scripture, and sooner or later people would start asking them questions. And he was going to destroy the whole temple, because the whole temple depended on the money that came to it from poor people. He had to be finished.

Jesus was not a pacifist; otherwise he could not do such a thing. And he used to get angry very easily. He cursed a fig tree! Even the angriest man, even a madman like Adolf Hitler would not do such a stupid thing - cursing a fig tree because he and his disciples are hungry and the fig tree has not offered figs to them. And you have to know one thing more: it was not the season for figs. It was no fault of the poor tree.

So if Jesus comes, help him. Give him good champagne, which he loved. And let him sit on an electric chair so that he knows how much, technologically, man has evolved.

As far as man is concerned, there has been no evolution for thousands of years. We are stuck. And the people who are stopping the evolution of man are the priests and the politicians and the educationists.

My effort here is to free you from this triangle: the priest, the politician, the professor - these three P’s.

Finish them before they finish you.

Finish them before they finish the whole humanity.

If we can get rid of these three P’s, humanity can create a paradise without any difficulty.

We have already created in this desert an oasis. We are living joyously - no fights, no anger, no jealousy. And my people, of course, are giving me beautiful chairs - but not electric chairs!

What is a blessing?

I am! Okay?