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Chapter 29: Nobody Is Missing Anything

Unless you understand a very simple thing it is none of your business to bother about what you are doing here. You will have to do something somewhere. The question will be there - what are you doing here? The trees don’t ask, they just dance in the breeze. The flowers don’t ask what they are doing here. The birds are more sane than man.

A man reached his home earlier than expected. His wife was lying naked on the bed and there were shoes by the side of the bed. He recognized the shoes - they belonged to his best friend. Angry and frustrated, he looked all around, in every nook and corner. Finally he found him hiding in the closet, and he asked him, “What are you doing here?” And the man must have been a man of utter sanity. He said, “Everybody has to be somewhere. The question is not meaningful. I am standing here!” Now, what to do with such a man?

Philosophers, theologians, thinkers have created hundreds of questions to torture you. I don’t want you to be unnecessarily in a self-torture. Just to be here is so beautiful, it does not need any other reason to be here. Just watch for a moment, just remember what I had said about witnessing that has given you great excitement. That excitement was wrong; excitement is not understanding. If you have heard my word witnessing peacefully, silently, allowed it to sink deep into your heart, there will be no excitement.

The birds are singing, the sun has risen, the trees are basking in the sun rays, and we are here in one of the most unique gatherings of people: silent, not asking for God or anything, not asking, not desiring, not being ambitious, just simply enjoying being whatever we are. And who is going to answer your question? So the question will torture you your whole life - what are you doing here? - wherever you are. Even if you meet by chance God himself, you will have to ask, “What am I doing here? And what are you doing here?”

It is not a question of doing, it is a question of being - relaxed, joyous for no reason at all.

We are the universe. These kinds of questions create more questions. Questions are Indians - they don’t believe in birth control. They are very religious people. They go on creating only one thing: more questions.

Now first, “What am I doing with my time here?” Who told you it is your time? “And the feeling that there is some dimension that I am not yet experiencing.” These are ways of torturing yourself. “.or that somehow I am still missing you.”

Strange, I am missing you, you are missing me; it is hilarious. And what will you get by not missing me? The question will persist: what are we doing here together? Be simple and get out of these self-torturing questions. I answer your questions to destroy them, not to answer them, because any answer will bring new questions.

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