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Chapter 3: The Marvel of Marvels

What are karmas? What is the deepest meaning of the theory of karma? Karma is a method of autohypnosis. If you repeat an action continuously you become hypnotized by it; then the karma, the action, becomes the master and you are just a slave. What have you gained through sex? Have you gained anything or is it just a repetition? But you have repeated it for so long that if you stop now, you feel you are missing something. If you continue you feel nothing is gained. If nothing is gained by continuing it, then you are not missing anything by stopping it. Then why do you feel something is missing? It is just the old habit: a samskara, a conditioning, a karma. You have repeated it too many times and you have become hypnotized by it. Now you have to repeat it, it has become an obsession, it is compulsive.

A person goes on overeating. He knows it is bad - he suffers because of it, he is continuously ill - but still, when he sits down to eat he cannot help it. It is compulsive. What is compulsion? Because he has been doing it so long he has become hypnotized by it. He is drunk.

Mulla Nasruddin came home one night very late, it must have been three in the morning. He knocked; his wife was very angry, but Mulla said, “Wait! First give me one minute to explain, then you can start. I was sitting with a very sick friend.”

His wife said, “A very likely story! But tell me the name of the friend.”

Mulla Nasruddin thought and thought and thought, and then he said triumphantly, “He was so sick he couldn’t tell me!”

The mind, if it is drunk, may find excuses but all those excuses are false, just like this one: “The friend was so sick that he couldn’t tell me.” For sex you will find excuses, for smoking you will find excuses, for your lust for power you will find excuses, but all excuses are lame. The real fact is that you are not ready to recognize that it has become compulsive, that you are under an obsession, you are under a hypnosis.

This is what a Jesus finds: everyone drunk and fast asleep. You cannot find it because you yourself are asleep. Unless you are awake you cannot become aware of what is happening all around. The whole world is moving in a somnambulism. That’s why there is so much misery, so much violence, so much war. It is unnecessary, but it has to be so because people who are asleep and drunk cannot be responsible for anything. If somebody came to Jesus to ask what he should do to change, Jesus would say: You cannot do anything to change unless you become awake. What can you do? What can a man who is fast asleep do to change his dreams? What can he do?

People would come with the same question to Gurdjieff, and Gurdjieff is the man most representative of Jesus in this age, not the Vatican pope. Gurdjieff is the most representative because he believed in, and worked out, the same method of friction that Jesus was working with. He created many types of crosses for people to hang themselves on and be transformed. Gurdjieff also used to say that you cannot do anything unless you are. And if you are not awake, you are not there, you simply believe that you are. This belief won’t help.

Now look at these sayings. They are all very profound, deep, very significant, and can become guide-lights on your path. Remember them.

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