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Chapter 11: The Real Alcoholics

The fight between lovers is like fasting: withdrawing from each other, then the desire - because love is a nourishment. Remember, love is food. It is as much food as any other food, but a very subtle food - a food for the soul. So when lovers fight they remain on a fast. Soon the appetite arises and soon they start moving closer to each other. After each fight they can make love in a far better way than at any other time. It has intensity, it has passion. But after each meal you have an aversion to food.

If you have eaten well, the very idea of food will be a little nauseating. One who has eaten enough, if you put around him all kinds of food, he will go crazy. He will hate the food, he will hate you; he would like to escape from the room. There is a certain aversion; that is natural, otherwise how will he stop eating?

So when two lovers have made love, a certain aversion arises. These are natural phenomena. Once we understand them, they are not problems. After each love-making the husband turns over and goes to sleep, and after each love-making the wife cries, weeps, because she feels exploited. This same man who is now sleeping, keeping his back towards her, snoring, this same man, this sonofabitch, just a few moments before was talking such beautiful poetry, and now he is not at all concerned. She feels cheated. But that is wrong; that is a misunderstanding. It is a natural phenomenon: love fulfilled, aversion arises. Of course, after a twenty-four hour fast he will again talk poetry. That’s how the wheel moves.

Love and hate are not opposites but love and fear are. The afraid person becomes incapable of love. And all the religions have depended on fear, hence they have made millions of people incapable of love. And the people who are incapable of love are only capable of violence.

So, it is nothing new in India. It erupts almost every ten years; ten years seems to be the limit. Within ten years everybody accumulates so much violence within himself that it has to find an outlet, otherwise it will destroy him. He will be burnt up by his own violence. So he has to find some excuses; political, religious, social - any kind of excuse will do. And this limit of ten years is not only limited to India; it seems to be universal. Every ten years there is a great war. The whole of humanity gets involved in destruction.

The responsibility is of the religions, because they have not taught you how to love, they have only taught you how to be afraid. Remember, fear is the same energy as love, but it has been poisoned - your energies have been poisoned for centuries. So it has become a routine phenomenon that after a few months, a few years, after a certain period, one accumulates so much violence.which would not have been there if love had been flowing. Because love has been stopped there is no flow in your life. Your own energies go against you; they become destructive. Then any excuse is enough - such stupid excuses that if you look at them you will laugh; they are ridiculous!

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