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Chapter 4: The Good Wife

Then you become addicted to one pole, and life is a rhythm - it needs the other. It is neither sound nor silence, it is both. Silence is one pole and sound is the other pole, and life is just the rhythm between these two polarities. Don’t choose! If you choose sound you will become addicted to sound, to noise, to the outside. You will become an extrovert, because sound is outside. Inside is silence. If you choose silence you will become an introvert. Then you will close yourself completely towards the existence that exists without. You will move in and in, and that movement will not be a rhythm because you have denied the other pole. Rather, this movement will be a dead stagnancy. You will be stuck with it, you cannot be ecstatic.

With silence and sound both, you simply move between these polarities because you are neither. You are just in the middle - you are the rhythm. My left hand and my right hand are both me; sound and silence are both me; life and death are both me. Don’t cling. Exhalation, inhalation - both are me.

If you cling to one then your life will be a neurosis, because what will you do with the other? It is there. And whether you choose to or not, you have to move to the other. How can you stop exhalation? And if you stop exhaling, how will you be able to inhale? Look at the beauty: you exhale - the moment you exhale you have created a situation for a deep inhalation. When you inhale you have created a situation for a deep exhalation. The opposite is really not the opposite. How can it be the opposite? Inhalation depends upon exhalation, exhalation depends on inhalation. How can they be enemies? How can there be any antagonism? They are friends, they are not foes. They are playing a game in which they appear to be opposites, but deep down they are one earth.

Don’t choose love against hate, because then you will be in trouble; then where will you put hate? Hate is there, as much part of you as love. Remain in the middle. Let hate have its own way, let love have its own way. You simply watch from the middle, don’t move to the extreme. If you move to one extreme, what will you do with the other? You will then become afraid of the other. And the other is going to come, because that which you have chosen cannot remain alone, it depends on the other.

You fall in love with a man or a woman, then you become afraid of hate, anger and conflict. But what will you do? - they are bound to come. Your so-called love depends on them; it cannot exist alone, it is a rhythm. The opposite is needed. Have you ever seen a river with one bank? Life is a river, and mind tries to flow with one bank - that is the neurosis. There are peaks and there are valleys. There are high moments and there are low moments. Don’t get obsessed with any high peak, otherwise what will happen to the valley? Have you seen a peak without a valley?

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