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Chapter 7: The Infinite Journey

That is the trouble with language: language is exhaustive. When I say to you “I love you,” I have said everything, exhausted.but love goes on. Love is a growth, an alive process. “I love you” is dead language. Something has died in the words. Words are like corpses.

A buddha, one who is enlightened, helps you to grow. If he talks, he talks only to help you to drop all talking. If he uses words, he uses them only to help you to become wordless. If he talks, he talks only to indicate towards silence.

So always remember, when a buddha says anything, the container is not important at all, but the content. The word is the container and the meaning is the content. But that meaning can come to you only when you grow. Unless you taste something of buddhahood, you will not understand.

So it is not a question of knowledge; it is a question of understanding. Knowledge you can go on gathering; you need not grow. You can go on stuffing yourself with knowledge and deep down inside you remain the same - no growth happens, no transformation happens.

In fact, all the knowledge that you gather hinders growth. One becomes too burdened by what one knows. The more you know, the less the possibility of knowing. Then, your capacity to know is too burdened. Then, your capacity to know is too clouded.

Religion is not a process of learning. In fact, it is just the contrary - a process of unlearning. Whatsoever you know has to be dropped, unlearned again, so that you can become a child once more, so that you can be reborn.

And this second birth is the real birth. The first birth is not the real birth; it is only an opportunity for the second birth, that’s all. If the second birth happens, you used your first birth. If the second never happens, then the opportunity was lost.

The first birth is only the birth of the body and the mind. The second birth is the birth of your spirit, of your soul. And unless you know something of the innermost eternal core of your being, you have not known anything.

But humanity loves knowledge, information. It is very ego-satisfying. Whenever you can say that you know, whenever you can give some advice to somebody else, you feel very high. Not knowing who you are, not knowing where you are, you go on playing the role of a teacher.

Just look around - everybody is giving advice to everybody else. Of course, nobody takes it - and it is good that nobody takes it otherwise the world would be in much more trouble. It is already in much trouble. It is good that nobody takes your advice - your advice is worthless: In trouble, in crisis, you will not listen to your own advice. It is just dead junk. It has nothing to do with your inner growth.

Real knowing is part of growth: Grow. Each moment go on growing, expanding, exploding. Each moment should be a new birth.

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