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Chapter 12: You Are Accepted by the Whole Universe

But this is how things go on working. And for centuries we have been creating the disease; we have not allowed people to accept themselves as they are. The moment you accept yourself as you are, without any comparison, all inferiority, all superiority disappears.

I don’t feel any inferiority, any superiority.

I am simply myself.

Why should I compare with anybody else?

Existence wanted me to be just the way I am. Existence wants you to be just as you are. You are fulfilling some empty space in existence; without you there will be something missing.

Hence, one of my basic teachings is total acceptance of yourself without any conditions. In the total acceptance of yourself you will be free from these complexes - inferiority, superiority; otherwise you will suffer for your whole life.

We are in a situation where we cannot have everything; nobody can. So there will always be something you don’t have and that will give you the feeling of being inferior: “Somebody else has it.” And I cannot conceive of a person who can have everything in this world. People have tried, and failed utterly.

You know the ancient parable of King Midas. He prayed to God; his only wish was that whatever he touched became gold. His wish was fulfilled, and he was immensely happy. He thought he had found it. Now there was no way for him to feel inferior: nobody has that quality that he has; he is the superior-most in the whole existence, before and after.

But soon he found he was wrong. His friends started deserting him, even his wife and children would not come close to him. And he died because whatever he would touch would turn into gold. He could not eat anything - you cannot eat gold; you cannot drink gold.

But it was too late. For years he had been praying and the wish was fulfilled; now there was no time to ask for years, “Take away this blessing which has turned out to be a curse.”

Don’t ask for anything. Whatever you have, existence is wiser than you think. It has given you everything that you need. Just explore your own treasures and bring them to their fulfillment. Bring every potentiality to actuality.

Once this disease disappears, politics will disappear automatically. Politics is an outcome of inferiority complex. People want power to prove to themselves and to others that they are not just nobodies.

I teach you just to be yourself, and that’s enough. You are accepted by the sun, you are accepted by the moon, you are accepted by the trees; you are accepted by the ocean, you are accepted by the earth.What more do you want?

You are accepted by this whole universe.

Rejoice in it!