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Chapter 25: Nowhere to Fall To

It is good you have asked it. Relax, because it is an absolute guarantee that existence supports you. The higher you reach, the more and more you become a beloved of this whole universe.

This is my vision of a sannyasin. He has to become a beloved of this whole universe. And when you become a beloved of the whole universe, fear disappears - just as if it was nothing but darkness, and the light of love has come in and the darkness has disappeared.

Everything is going exactly right with you. Just remain in a let-go. Don’t make any effort even to keep yourself on the path. Don’t be worried that you may fall and at least you have to be alert not to fall. That will be unnecessary and will be preventing your growth, your evolution.

You have come far away, certainly, from the earth. And it is natural to look and see the depths that are on both the sides of the path. I am not saying that fear is unnatural. It is natural, because you are not aware of a far higher law, that existence protects those who are in search of truth. Slowly slowly, you will see that you cannot fall; the universe will not allow it.

The universe is not unintelligent. You are not living in a cosmos which has no intelligence. It is pure intelligence that the existence is made of. Call it love, call it silence, call it nothingness, but in everything remember, the tremendous intelligence of existence is always there. And once you have learned the art of trusting, you are beyond all fear - you will learn it, because there is no going back.

And when I am saying that it is absolutely guaranteed; I am saying it from my own experience. I have passed through the same fears. And as I became aware of a certain protection that surrounds me, I relaxed. Then I could move on this razor’s edge, this narrowest path possible, with closed eyes. In fact, most of the people who have reached, have reached with closed eyes! At the final stage the trust becomes so deep, who cares to look here and there? The eyes become closed on their own.

It is the fear that keeps them open. You may take a wrong step. But when trust becomes total you drop all cautiousness; you simply relax. Whatever existence decides to be your destiny, you are absolutely willing to relax in it. This is the only experience that has transformed people from ordinary, mundane mortals into immortal beings, has transformed them into luminous lights.

The search for truth is the only search that makes you authentically human. Otherwise there is no difference between you and the animals - and the crowd remains at the level of the animals.

Never belong to a crowd; never belong to a nation; never belong to a religion; never belong to a race. Belong to the whole existence. Why limit yourself to small things? When the whole is available, only stupid people will cling to small things.

Be oceanic.

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