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Chapter 4: Love, Grace and Divinity

Qualities of love and grace have been attributed to the divine. Do these qualities exist? Does the divine exist?

To say that the divine exists will not be right, because all that exists is divine. Or, another way: each and everything exists. Only the divine cannot be said to exist - it is existence. To be divine and to exist is to say the same thing in two different ways. So the quality of existence cannot be attributed to the divine.

Everything else can be said to exist because it can go into non-existence. I can be said to exist because I will go into non-existence. You can be said to exist because there was a time you were not in existence. But the divine cannot be said to exist because it is always. Non-existence is inconceivable, so existence cannot be attributed to the divine. So I would say existence is divine, or divineness means existence.

Nothing exists which is not divine. Everything that exists - by being here in existence - is divine. You may know it or not. It makes no difference as far as your divinity is concerned. If you know it, then you become ecstatic, blissful. If you do not know it, you go on and continue in agony. But you are divine. When asleep, when ignorant - then too you are divine. Even a stone is divine, unknown to itself. Existence is divine.

All those who try to prove that God exists do not know. They do not know. This is sheer nonsense to prove that God exists. Those who try to prove that God does not exist are in the same boat. No one will prove that existence exists. If you ask like this: if you ask me whether existence exists - the question will be absurd.

To me, when someone says, “God exists,” it means the same: “Existence exists.” “God” and “existence” are equivalent, synonyms. Once you have become aware of what existence is you will not call it existence. Then you will call it “God.” The moment one becomes aware of the total being that is, then you cannot use the word existence. You become more intimate with it, so you have to use a personal name. You call it “God.” To call existence “God” only means this and nothing else: that you can be in an intimate relationship with it. To call existence “God” means you can be in personal contact with it.

It is not something dead. It is not something you cannot be related to. It is not something which is indifferent to you. When we say, “Existence is God,” we mean to say: existence is intimately related with us; we are related with it. Existence is not neutral to us, is not indifferent to us. But as far as the human mind is concerned, we do not know a more accurate word to use than God.

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