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Chapter 2: A Small Candle Is Enough

It is impossible to remain closed and wake up. I know that you are trying to do that, but it is not possible in the very nature of things. I feel deep compassion for you. I want to help you, but you won’t allow me. You won’t allow me to take your hand in my hand. You won’t allow my energy to touch your heart, to move it, to bring a dance to it. You remain alert, but you remain alert only to guard yourself. You are afraid, afraid of falling in deep love, because the moment you fall in deep love the ego disappears. It is a kind of death, and one cannot be guaranteed what will happen afterwards.

Resurrection always looks like a myth, although it happens, it is inevitable. If you are ready to die, resurrection happens. The last words of Jesus were: “Forgive these people, because they know not what they are doing. And I don’t ask anything from you: let thy will be done, let thy kingdom come.”

This is surrender; this is totally opening up to existence: no complaint, no grudge, not even against those who are murdering him. The trust is total; it is because of this fact that the resurrection happens. It may not be an historical fact that Jesus revived after three days, but it is a metaphysical fact. And a metaphysical fact is far more real than an historical fact; it shows something of the depth of human beings. If you can die as an ego, you will be resurrected as a buddha, as a christ.

Come out of your mind. But we go on moving in circles.

The mother took her son to the psychiatrist and complained that he was always thinking about sex.

The doctor drew a square on a piece of paper, looked at the boy and asked, “Son, what comes to your mind when you see this drawing?”

The kid answered, “Looks like a window.”

The doc said, “What do you think is going on behind that window?”

“People are behind that window,” replied the kid. “They are huggin’, kissin’ and makin’ love.”

The doctor drew a circle and asked, “What comes to your mind when you see this?”

The kid said, “That’s a porthole.”

“And what do you think is going on behind that porthole?” inquired the doctor.

“Ah,” said the kid, “There are people behind that porthole with their clothes off, drinking, making love and having a ball.”

The doctor said, “Son, would you mind leaving the room? I would like to discuss this with your mother.”

The boy got up to leave and as he reached the door he turned around and said, “Hey, Doc, can I have those dirty pictures you drew?”

A closed mind goes on interpreting life, existence, according to its own prejudices and concepts which were unconsciously acquired, and hence remain unavailable to the reality. Even if you come across Buddha, even if you meet Christ or Krishna or Confucius, you will miss. They can talk to you about the ultimate, but you will listen only about the mundane. They will talk about the sacred, but you will not listen to what they are saying; you will listen according to your closed mind. It has fixed ideas.

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