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Chapter 8: Whatsoever You Choose You Become

The more you will be transforming into a superman, the more you will find you are not in anguish, not in anxiety. The buds are coming soon, there will be great rejoicing. Soon there will be blossoms. You can wait, you can hope, you can dream.

When you are not going anywhere, when you are trying just to be human, then the river has stopped flowing. Then the river is not going towards the ocean. Because to go to the ocean means to have a desire to become the ocean. Otherwise why go towards the ocean? Going towards the ocean means merging into the ocean, becoming the ocean.

God is the goal. You can be human only if you go on making all efforts, all possible efforts to become divine. In those very efforts, your humanity will start shining. In those very efforts, you will become alive.

“When life itself is so fulfilling..” Life is fulfilling, but you are not in contact with life. Old contact is lost, new has not been made. You are in a transmission, hence you are so dull, hence life looks so mediocre, sad, boring - even futile.

Says Jean-Paul Sartre: Man is a useless passion - futile, impotent passion, unnecessarily making much fuss about life, and there is nothing in it.meaningless is life. The more you become enclosed in your self, the more life becomes meaningless. Then you are miserable. Then misery has some other payoffs.

When you are happy you are ordinary, because to be happy is just to be natural. To be miserable is to become extraordinary. Nothing is special in being happy - trees are happy, birds are happy, animals are happy, children are happy. What is special in that? It is just the usual thing in existence. Existence is made of the stuff called happiness. Just look! - can’t you see these trees?.so happy. Can’t you see the birds singing?.so happily. Happiness has nothing special in it. Happiness is a very ordinary thing.

To be blissful is to be absolutely ordinary. The self, the ego, does not allow that. That’s why people talk too much about their miseries. They become special just by talking about their miseries. People go on talking about their illness, their headache, their stomach, their this and that. All people are in some way or other hypochondriacs. And if somebody does not believe in your misery, you feel hurt. If somebody sympathizes with you and believes in your misery - even in your exaggerated version of it - you feel very happy. This is something stupid, but has to be understood.

Misery makes you special. Misery makes you more egoistic. A miserable man can have a more concentrated ego than a happy man. A happy man really cannot have the ego, because a person becomes happy only when there is no ego. The more egoless, the more happy; the more happy, the more egoless. You dissolve into happiness. You cannot exist together with happiness; you exist only when there is misery. In happiness there is dissolution.

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