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Chapter 27: Unhinge Yourself

It is a Pali word. It means, “Now walk on. Never stop; walk on. Howsoever beautiful the experience is, remember: much more is waiting for you ahead.”

Charaiveti, charaiveti.

Just go on.

Experience everything, be thankful, but don’t stop and never expect the same experience again, because that is blocking your path for greater experiences.

But nothing is lost. Those fourteen years can be forgotten; you start fresh from this moment.

Charaiveti, charaiveti.

Gautam Buddha’s compassion is perhaps never expressed so clearly as in the statement that “Even if I meet you on the way, cut my head immediately; don’t stop.” He’s saying that there is no experience worth stopping for. Enjoy and go on. And the pilgrimage becomes a goal unto itself.

This is very difficult for the logical mind to understand. The logical mind asks you, “Where are you going?” It wants to know about the goal, it is goal oriented. And existence is not going anywhere, it is simply enjoying. In the flowers, in the birds, in people, in rivers, in clouds, in stars, it is simply enjoying. It is not going anywhere.

There is no goal.

And if you want to be in tune with existence, drop the goal-oriented mind.

Hence I say the very pilgrimage is the goal.

You can dance, you can sing, you can rejoice, because each moment in itself is complete and perfect. Never ask for it again.

Existence is non-repetitive. You can see it. Twenty-five centuries have passed and not another Gautam Buddha, not another Zarathustra, not another Chuang Tzu. Such beautiful people, but existence is not a Henry Ford’s factory to produce similar cars. Existence never repeats anything. It gives dignity to every individual, because you have never been, you will never be; you are just unique.

There is nowhere anybody who is exactly like you. You are incomparable. This gives you so much grace, so much richness that you cannot be grateful enough to existence.

But our mind is mechanical. It always wants the same thing again and again because it feels secure with the familiar. But you are not the mind.

Mind is a social product. You are existential, not just social. Your roots go into existence and you have to listen to the harmony and the laws that existence follows. It never repeats. It never brings the same experience again. It is always new.

You will not find even two leaves in the whole world exactly the same, or two roseflowers exactly the same. What to say about human consciousness, which is the greatest flowering in the world.

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