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Chapter 8: Becoming and Being

The seventh body is the nirvanic. The tension in the seventh body is between existence and non-existence. In the sixth, the seeker has lost himself, but not existence. He is - not as an individual, but as the cosmic being. Existence is there. There are philosophies and systems that stop with the sixth. They stop with godliness or with moksha: liberation. The seventh means to lose even existence into non-existence. It is not losing oneself; it is just losing. The existential becomes non-existential. Then you come to the original source from which all existence comes and into which it goes. Existence comes out of it; non-existence goes back into it.

Existence itself is just a phase. It must go back. Just as day comes and night follows, just as night goes and day follows, so existence comes and non-existence follows; non-existence comes and existence follows. If one is to know totally, then he must not escape from non-existence. If he is to know the total circle, he must become non-existential.

Even the cosmic is not total, because non-existence is beyond it. So even godliness is not total. Godliness is just part of Brahman; it is not Brahman itself. Brahman means all light and darkness combined, life and death combined, existence and non-existence combined. Godliness is not death; it is only life. Godliness is not non-existence; it is only existence. Godliness is not darkness; it is only light. It is only part of the total being, not the total.

To know the total is to become nothing. Only nothingness can know the wholeness. Wholeness is nothingness, and nothingness is the only wholeness - for the seventh body.

So these are the tensions in the seven bodies, beginning with the physiological. If you understand your physiological tension, the relief of it and the well-being of it, then you can very easily proceed to all seven bodies. The realization of at-easeness in the first body becomes a stepping stone to the second. And if you realize something in the second - if you feel a non-tense etheric moment - then the step toward the third is taken.

In each body, if you start with well-being, the door to the next body opens automatically. But if you are defeated in the first body it becomes very difficult, even impossible, to open up further doors.

So begin with the first body and do not think of the other six bodies at all. Live in the physical body completely, and you will suddenly know that a new door has opened. Then continue on further. But never think of the other bodies or it will be disturbing and will create tensions.

So whatever I have said - forget it!