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Chapter 1: The Mystery School

A mystery school comes into existence with a master, and disappears. And that’s how it should be.

In nature, in existence, everything that is real. A roseflower opens itself in the morning and by the evening it is gone. Only plastic flowers remain; they remain forever.

Becoming part of a mystery school is a great benediction. It is very difficult to find a mystery school, to find people who are searching and not imposing themselves on each other, but only helping each other if there is the need. If there is no need, even help can become a hindrance.

You are absolutely on the right path. You have not taken any wrong turn. Just go on dissolving all that is false. It is beautiful to feel like a cloud, beautiful to feel like just a witness.

These are the moments, the interval. Night has gone, the sun will be rising soon. Make these gaps as beautiful as possible - full of silence, full of gratitude, gratitude to the existence that has given you the chance, gratitude towards all those who have helped. And wait.

“Wait” is a key word. You cannot force existence to do things. You have just to wait. In the right moment things happen. You have sown the seeds, you are watering the garden; now wait. Any hurry is dangerous. Everything, to grow, takes its time. Only falsities can be manufactured quickly, in an assembly line. But realities grow, and growth needs time.

And the inner growth is the greatest growth in the whole of existence.