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Chapter 3: The Owl and the Phoenix

A religious man is superior in the sense that the inferiority has disappeared. A politician is superior in the sense that he has overcome his inferiority. It is hidden there, it is still inside. He is just using the garb, the face, the mask of a superior man.

When you compare, you miss; then you will always look to others. And no two persons are the same, they cannot be. Every individual is unique and every individual is superior, but this superiority is not comparable. You are superior because you cannot be anything else. Superiority is just your nature. The tree is superior, the rock is also superior because the whole of existence is divine. How can anything be inferior here? It is existence, overflowing in millions of ways. Somewhere existence has become a tree, somewhere existence has become a rock, somewhere existence has become a bird, somewhere existence has become you. Only godliness exists, so there is no comparison. And existence is superior, but not to anything - because only godliness is, and there cannot be any inferiority.

A religious man comes to experience his uniqueness, comes to experience his divineness, and through his experience of divineness he comes to realize the divineness of all. This is nonpolitical because now there is no ambition, you have nothing to prove, you are already proved; you have nothing to declare, you are already declared. Your very being is the proof. You are.it is enough. Nothing else is needed.

Hence, remember this as the basic law: if in religion you also go on comparing, you are in politics, you are not in religion. That is why all religions have become political. They use religious terminology, but hidden behind is politics. What is Islam, what is Christianity, what is Hinduism now? - all political groups, political organizations doing politics in the name of religion.

When you go to the temple to pray, do you simply pray or do you compare? If somebody is there praying, does comparison arise in your mind? Is he praying better than you, or are you doing better than him? Then the temple is no longer there. The temple has disappeared, it has become politics.

In religion comparison is not possible; you simply pray, and prayerfulness becomes your inner being. It is not something outward to be compared. This incomparable prayerfulness, incomparable meditation, will lead you to the intrinsic superiority of all existence.

Buddha says: Don’t be ambitious, because through ambition you will always remain inferior. Be non-ambitious and attain to your intrinsic superiority. It is intrinsic, it is nothing to be proved or achieved, you already have it, you have got it. It is already there - it has always been with you and it will always remain with you. Your very being is superior but you don’t know what being is there. You don’t know who you are - hence so much effort in seeking your identity, in searching, in proving that you are superior to others. You don’t know who you are.

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