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Chapter 5: Esoteric Games: A Hindrance to Growth

You can say that body and mind are separate, or you can take the opposite position and can say, “I am one. Body and mind are one.” But this statement still presupposes a division. You say one, but you are feeling two. You assert oneness against the feeling of two. This assertion is again a subtle suppression.

So do not begin with advait, with a non-dual philosophy. Begin with existence, not with concepts. Begin with a deep, non-conceptualized consciousness. That is what I mean by a right beginning. Begin to feel the existential. Do not say one or two; do not say this or that. Begin to feel what is. And you can only feel what is, when the mind is not there, when concepts are not there, when philosophies and doctrines are not there - really, when language is not there. When language is absent, you are in existence. When language is present, you are in the mind.

With a different language, you will have a different mind. There are so many languages - not only linguistically but religiously, politically. A communist who is sitting by my side is not with me at all. He lives in a different language.

Just on the other side of me, someone may be sitting who believes in karma. The communist and this other man cannot meet; no dialogue is possible because they do not know each other’s language at all. They may be using the same words, but still they do not know what the other is saying. They live in different universes.

With language, everyone lives in a private universe. Without language, you belong to the common tongue, existence. This is what I mean by meditation: to drop out of the private linguistic world and enter the non-verbal existence.

Those who divide body and mind are always against sex. The reason is that, ordinarily, sex is the only non-verbal, natural experience that we know. Language is not needed at all. If you use language in sex, you cannot go deep in it. So all those who say you are not the body will be against sex, because in sex you are absolutely undivided.

Do not live in a verbal world. Move deeply into existence itself. Use anything, but come back again and again to the level of the non-verbal, the level of consciousness. With trees, with birds, with the sky, the sun, the clouds, the rain - live with the non-verbal existence everywhere. And the more you do it, the more deeply you go into it, the more you will feel a oneness that does not exist in opposition to twoness - a oneness that is not just a joining of two, but is the oneness of the mainland with an island that joins the mainland below the surface of the ocean. The two have always been one. You see them as two because you look only at the surface.

Language is the surface. All types of language - religious, political - are on the surface. When you live with the non-verbal existence, you come to a subtle oneness that is not a mathematical oneness but an existential oneness.

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