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Chapter 42: Be a Seeker, Not a Believer

The man was shocked, but now there was no way to refuse. They were no longer his coins he had already given them away. So he went with the coins to the Ganges.almost half an hour passed.

Ramakrishna said, “What happened to that man? Has he jumped with the coins into the Ganges? Just the shock was so much - I had seen it in his face. Just go and look what has happened, what he is doing, why he has not come back.”

Somebody went there, and came back and reported, “That man is throwing the coins one by one. A crowd has gathered, and he is counting ‘one.two’.and slowly, and making the crowd bigger, and enjoying.”

Ramakrishna went there, took hold of the man and he said, “What nonsense are you doing? I told you to throw the coins in the Ganges. Why are you counting?”

The man said, “Just old habit. I have collected them one by one, counting every day: ‘Now I have that many.now I have that many.’ This was my desire, to present one thousand golden coins to you.”

Ramakrishna said, “When one is earning, counting is relevant. But when one is losing all, then throwing them one by one is sheer stupidity. Just throw them all. And if it is too much, you jump too.”

A single insight - like lightning!

But your Christianity is borrowed, your Hinduism is borrowed, it is not your experience - hence renounce it. And because it is just on the surface, renouncing it is so easy that it can be done in a split second. You will feel immense freedom, an expansion of consciousness, an openness.eyes fresh, to look at things again with no prejudice.

Here with me, you can be as close with me as your knowledge is less. If you are innocent, you will find existence loves you.

“Jesus loves you” is just an expression. “Buddha loves you” is just an expression - so that you can understand. You may not understand that existence loves you, because existence seems to be so vast and you seem to be so small and you cannot conceive how existence will love you. Jesus or Buddha or Mahavira are small windows: you can accept those small windows from where the rays of the sun enter and a pure breeze comes in, and you can see the sky.

But when the whole sky can be available to you, why get attached to any window? And at each window there is such a crowd that there is not much chance that you will be able to see from the window.

At the Christian window, half of humanity is hanging around; just the Catholics are seven hundred million. Don’t torture poor Jesus.

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