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Chapter 7: The Mental Body and the Bodies of Awareness and Bliss

Several rhythms of breathing have been discovered in the field of pranayama, the science of the vital breath. When these different rhythms are used changes occur in the mind and in the physical body. Breathing is the bridge between the mental body and the physical body: the physical body exists on this side and the mental body on the other side.

Thoughts are the most subtle things in our experience, but even thoughts actually exist. The idea that thoughts have no material existence has now been proved wrong. They do have a material existence.

Eddington has written in his autobiography: “Many times I am overwhelmed with the concept that thoughts are things.” At that time it was just an idea, there was no proof, but now scientific evidence is available. In the last ten years machines have been developed which can pick up your thought waves. If you stand in front of such a machine and concentrate on a thought, it registers that you are concentrating - you only have to stand in front of the machine the same way in which you stand in front of an X-ray machine. If you relax and let go of the thought, the machine indicates that you have relaxed.

There is a man in America called Ted Serios. Perhaps in today’s world his is the greatest evidence on earth proving that thoughts are matter. A peculiar power suddenly appeared in Ted Serios. He would concentrate on some thought, and the image of that thought would appear in his eyes and this image could be photographed by a camera. For example, if he was peacefully concentrating on a thought of the Taj Mahal its image would appear in his eyes, and even though he has never actually seen the Taj Mahal and it would emerge only in his imagination, it could be photographed. Ted was photographed at least ten thousand times. Often very interesting observations were made; and the photographs have been published. Hundreds of researchers worked hard using various approaches trying to detect any deception. But that was actually impossible, because while the researcher could see the Taj Mahal in his eyes and although he may have been deceived, it is very difficult to deceive a camera. What did the picture in the camera prove? It proved that if a thought can become dense and take on the form of the Taj Mahal in the eyes, then it is not only thought, it is a thing too; it is matter, it is material, because only matter can be photographed, a thought cannot. Only matter can be photographed. A thing which can be photographed is more substantial, more material.

Often really amazing things happened. Once, when Ted Serios was trying to bring the Taj Mahal into his eyes, he closed his eyes and confirmed that he had caught the image and asked for the camera to be kept ready. Then he opened his eyes, the camera clicked, and Ted said, “Sorry, I missed it. Now I caught the Hilton Hotel - the thought changed inside. Sorry, forgive me.” Astonishingly enough the camera did not catch the photograph of the Taj Mahal, instead it caught one of the Hilton Hotel. It happened a few times that the Hilton Hotel was superimposed on the Taj Mahal, both were caught - the Taj Mahal going out, and the Hilton Hotel coming in.

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