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Chapter 9: The Sun Is New Each Day

This universe,
which is the same for all,
has not been made by any god or man,
but it has always been, is, and will be -
an ever-living fire,
kindling itself by regular measures
and going out by regular measures.

The phases of fire are craving and satiety.

The sun is new each day.

There is no god as a separate creator of the world, and cannot be because the creation, the creator and the creativity are the same, they are not separate. Existence is one - then how can the creator and the created be separate? Existence itself is divine. There is no creator who is creating it. It itself is the creator. It itself is the creativity.

Heraclitus is a non-dualist. All those who have known are bound to know that duality exists because of the mind, because the mind cannot see the one, it can only see the two. The moment it perceives anything, it divides. With the mind, the other is necessary. If it sees creation immediately it thinks of the creator because “How is creation possible without a creator?” But if with this mind you encounter the creator, then again the mind will see that there must be some other creator - “Otherwise how can this creator be?”

Mind is an infinite regress. It goes on and on dividing. That’s why mind never reaches any conclusive state. Philosophy believes in the mind; that’s why philosophy also never reaches any conclusion. One has to see the totality without bringing mind in, because mind is the factor of duality: it divides. Division is the nature of mind. If you say “day” then the mind immediately brings night, because “How can the day be without night?” If you say “love” then the mind brings hate: “How can love be without hate?” If you bring life, the mind brings death: “How can life be without death?” But life and death are one - one phenomenon, one energy. Life is the manifestation of that energy, and death is again relaxation. Life is coming to a form, and death is moving again into the formless. The end and the beginning meet. Life is not separate from death, death is not separate from life - they meet and mingle. Even to say they meet is not right because the mind immediately brings: “If there is a meeting then there must be two.” It is not a meeting, it is one phenomenon.

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