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Chapter 38: Don’t Dig Valleys - Climb Mountains

But the existentialists have far transcended the theists and their negativity; they were at least affirming a fictitious god. Atheism was denying only a fiction. Existentialists are denying the fiction of god and they are also denying the reality of life; not only denying, but giving it such condemnatory colors that it seems it is a calamity to be born, it is a punishment to be born.that life is not a joy, but simply another name of hell.

Existentialism has to be understood very deeply, because philosophically it may become the cause of the third world war. It has destroyed all that was beautiful in life. It has negated everything that was valuable - love, silence, meditation, joy. It has erased them all. Life is only a sickness, and we are clinging to life because we are afraid to die. It is not that we love life; we hate it - but at least it is known. Who knows, death may be far worse. It is better to remain with the known, although it is miserable.

They have created the philosophical background for people like Ronald Reagan to destroy the whole humanity. If existentialism is true, then there is no harm in destroying the whole humanity; in fact it should be taken as a blessing that all sickness disappears, all that is ugly disappears.

And all is ugly according to the existentialists. There is not even a single thing which can be appreciated.

Unless the West becomes aware of meditation, unless meditation penetrates the Western intelligence, there is a danger. The politicians are creating weapons to destroy, and the philosophers are creating readiness to be destroyed, willingness to be destroyed. It is the greatest conspiracy against life between politicians and philosophers.

And these existentialists.. One wonders! I have written letters to Jaspers, to Jean-Paul Sartre and they didn’t even have the courage to answer. I asked them, “If your philosophy is right, you should commit suicide. Why are you living? For what? Waiting for death?” According to them, life is nothing but a waiting room and the train that will come, its name is death.

Neither Jaspers nor Jean-Paul Sartre ever replied. All these philosophers, from Soren Kierkegaard to Marcel, were living perfectly happily, enjoying Nobel prizes and preaching a philosophy which is itself really sick.

Life is not sick. It is the wrong glasses they have on their eyes. Just today I heard some news. A man shot his wife in New York. The police came, and the man was absolutely unafraid. He said, “Yes, I have killed my wife.” But his son said, “Father, she’s not my mother and she’s not your wife.” He said, “My God, I forgot to put on my glasses!” He killed some other woman, thinking that she was his wife.

Existentialism is giving wrong glasses to people. It is the most anti-human, anti-life ideology ever preached.

Prem Padmini, you need not be caught into these sick ideologies. I am here to open new windows for you, and you can see with your own eyes the immense beauty of life, the great blissfulness of life.the tremendous silence which is a song without sounds, and a dance that goes on eternally in the trees, in the rivers, in the mountains, in the stars.

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