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Chapter 5: Meditation: The Method of Great Liberation

“Sitting meditation is the method of great liberation; all the teachings flow forth from this; myriad practices are mastered this way. Supernormal powers, knowledge, wisdom and virtue, all arise from here. The path of life of humans and gods opens herein; all the buddhas have entered and left by this door.”

These sentences have to be remembered. While sitting silently you will come across a door within you, just an opening. If you remain in this opening, still, many things will start happening to you: knowledge, wisdom, some miraculous powers, great virtue - but this is only the door.

A few are sitting outside the door; they can sit as long as they want. They are exoteric people who cannot look in, who always look out. They have become obsessed with the outside reality. They are also sitting by the side of the door. But their back is towards the door, not their face.

The disciple is also sitting, but his face is towards the door. But this is only a door to a tremendous phenomenon of existence. You are not to stop here, although it will allure you with great wisdom, miraculous powers, virtues. It will bring you peace and silence.

But Daikaku says, All the buddhas have entered and left by this door.

There is something more beyond this door. The buddhas have entered and left the door behind. They have gone beyond.

What is beyond knowledge? - innocence. What is beyond wisdom? - just a sense that “I know nothing.” What is beyond miracles? - no buddha has done a miracle.

Buddha did not walk on water and did not turn water into wine and did not make any Lazarus come back to life. Compared to Jesus he has not done anything, but he is far beyond Jesus. Jesus is only at the door; he has not entered into the ultimate reality. Buddha cannot do any miracle for the simple reason that he is no more. He cannot be knowledgeable because he has dropped himself, like a dewdrop from the lotus leaf into the ocean. His let-go is so total that a tremendous energy field is created around him in which anything may happen; but he is not the doer.

I would like to show you the difference. Lazarus died - he was a friend of Jesus, and a follower. His sisters were followers of Jesus. They wouldn’t allow the town’s people to bury the dead man. Jesus was informed; he was far away. It took four days, and when he came, the dead body of Lazarus was being kept in a cave in the mountains. He called, “Lazarus! Come out!” and Lazarus came out. This is thought to be the greatest miracle of Jesus.

A similar situation arose before Buddha, but the story is totally different. A woman was going to drown herself, but people saved her somehow. Her husband had died but she had a small child, so she thought to live for the child. But then the child died; now there was nothing for her to live for. People said, “Don’t be worried, Buddha is in the town. You come with us, bring the dead body of the child. And if he cannot make him alive, then nobody can do anything.”

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