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Chapter 29: Methods for the Dropping of Mind

So the other world becomes the ideal, the future, the desire, the vision, and this world becomes a sin. Then one feels guilty with it. And any religion that makes you guilty, makes you neurotic. It drives you crazy! In this sense, Tantra is the only healthy religion. And whenever any religion becomes healthy, it becomes Tantra - it becomes tantric. So every religion has two aspects. One is the outer aspect: the church, the organization, the publicized, the public face, the exoteric. This aspect is always life-denying. The other aspect is the inner core. Every religion has that too: the esoteric. It is always tantric - totally accepting.

Unless you accept the world totally, you cannot be at ease within. Non-acceptance creates a tension. Once you accept everything as it is, you are at home in the world. Tantra says this is a basic thing: you must be at home. Only then does something more become possible. If you are tense, divided, in conflict, in anguish, in guilt, how can you transcend? You are so much mad inside, you cannot travel further. You are so much engaged here, so much possessed by the here, you cannot go beyond.

This seems paradoxical. Those who are too much against the world are too much in it; they have to be. You cannot go away from your enemy, you are possessed by the enemy. If the world is your enemy, no matter what you do or pretend to do you will remain worldly. You may even renounce it, but your very approach will be worldly.

I have seen one saint, a very renowned one. He will not touch money, and if you put some coins before him, he will close his eyes. This is neurotic, this man is ill! What is he doing? But people worship him because of this. They think he is so otherworldly. He is not, he is too much in the world. Even you are not so much in the world. What is he doing? He has just reversed the process; now he is standing on his head. He is the same man - the same man who was greedy for money. Constantly he must have been thinking of money, accumulating possessions. Now he has become quite the opposite, but he remains the same within. Now he is against money, now he cannot touch it.

Why this fear? Why this hatred? Remember, whenever there is hatred it is love in reverse. You can hate a thing only if you have been in love with it. Hate is always possible only through love. You can be against something only if you have been so much for it, but the basic attitude remains the same: this man is greedy.

I asked this man, “Why are you so much afraid?”

He said, “Money is the hindrance. Unless I use will against my greed toward money, I cannot reach the divine.”

So now it is only a new sort of greed. He is in a bargain: if he touches money he loses the divine. And he wants to get the divine, he wants to possess the divine, so he is against the money.

Tantra says, do not be for the world, do not be against the world, just accept it as it is. Do not create any problem out of it. How is this going to help you? If you do not create any problem out of it, if you do not grow neurotic over it - this way or that - if you remain simply in it and accept it as it is, your whole energy is relieved from it and can move to the hidden realm, to the hidden dimension.

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