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Chapter 9: Get in Tune with the Essence

Ordinarily, people think that blind people are living in darkness. You are wrong, because to see darkness you need eyes - as much as you need them for light. So don’t be in a misunderstanding. Because you close your eyes and there is darkness, that does not mean that a blind person sees darkness. You see darkness, because you can see light and you can see its absence. The blind man cannot see light, so he cannot see its absence. What can he think about light? And whatever he thinks is going to be wrong. He needs not a philosopher but a physician.

And Gautam Buddha has actually said, “I am not a philosopher, I am a physician. I don’t want you to become great thinkers, I want you to become great seers.”

And if you can see, then it is not a question of thinking; you simply know it. And the way to see is to learn the simple art of non-thinking.

In the beginning it will be difficult because you have become so accustomed to it. It has become such an old habit that it goes on by itself; it has its own momentum. Even if you don’t want to think, it goes on and on. But if you are a little patient and you just watch the mind going on with its routine, without giving it any energy anymore, just seeing it as if you are seeing a film on a screen, remaining aloof, alert, watchful, without getting identified - soon the mind disappears.

And the disappearance of the mind is your coming out of the cave. For the first time you see the world that is surrounding you - its beauty, its tremendous silence. And you can see your own being - its immense light, its great blessings, its ultimate benediction.

From early childhood until my first few years as a sannyasin, an experience of expansion would happen: my head would fill the whole room, and later on it would fill the house and then move outside the house and surround it.
This has not happened for a few years, and although it does not feel like a loss, I wonder why it stopped and what it was.

If every person were to remember his experiences which were extraordinary.you would be surprised to know that by just finding those experiences, you would be able to find all the methods that have been developed for transforming man.

This is one of the old methods; it is greatly helpful. Just feeling that your head is becoming bigger and bigger, that you are not in the room but the room is within you.and then your head goes on becoming bigger and bigger. And the garden outside is not outside you but inside you, and the moon and the sun and the stars are not outside you but everything is inside your head, and your head becomes the circumference of the whole existence.. It is imagination; it is not that it is really happening.

But the very imagination gives you a key, and that key is: your mind is your servant. You can make it do things - and it is a very obedient servant. But for your whole life you have listened to it as if it is the master.

These experiments will give you the idea - the most important idea - that you are the master; the mind has to do anything you want it to do.

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