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Chapter 9: Session 9

Gurdjieff used to say, “Do not consider others..” It is absolutely right. The moment you consider others you are no longer yourself. But to live in freedom is difficult too, because you have to live with people who are full of expectations, and they are very touchy! If their expectations are not fulfilled they are miserable, and the miserable create misery for you, they cannot do otherwise. You can only give that which you have, and they have only misery.

So I say do not consider, let the world go on its way, you move on your own.

When you are yourself,

there is truth,

there is beauty,

there is grace,

there is ecstasy.

Om mani padme hum.

This mantra is tremendously powerful. Thousands of years and millions of people chanting it have made it so sharp, so penetrating, that just to repeat it again and again can create all the chemistry:

Om mani padme hum.