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Chapter 31: The Greatest Reality in the World

I said, “That’s what I was saying, that you don’t know me and the return journey will be painful. It is not my fault. You decided just by reading one book. I don’t see that there is any problem in eating in the night.

“Mahavira had a problem because there was no electricity, and the people were poor. They used to eat in the dark. Even today in India, in the villages people eat in the dark, not even a candle light. And Mahavira was right, that it is possible that some insect might fall into the food, some fly might fall into the food, and unknowingly you will be eating something living, and he was against violence.

“But today.” - and we were sitting in an air-conditioned room; no flies, no insects, and more light than the sun brings into the room - “you can bring as much electric light into the room as you want, now there is no problem. Now those who can afford light should be allowed to eat any time when they can afford light.”

He said, “You are dangerous, and even to listen to your words is a sin. I am leaving utterly frustrated.”

I said, “I am not responsible. You had expectations. I never promised that I would fulfill your expectations - I had no idea of you. If your expectations are not fulfilled it is your fault, it is your responsibility. Never expect again.”

Leaving me he said, “But you have lost a great admirer.”

I said, “I am going to lose millions of admirers. This is only just the beginning, don’t be worried.”

And I have been losing - my whole art is how to influence people and create enemies. First they become influenced, then they start expecting, and their expectations are not fulfilled; they become enemies. I have not done anything at all, it is all their doing - their own minds, doing the whole game.

Certainly many people have come to me and have had to drop me for small reasons, because those small reasons, to them, were very fundamental.

I had many followers of Mahatma Gandhi around me at a certain time. Even the president of the Congress, the ruling party, U.N.Dhebar, was coming to my camps.Shankar Rao Dev, one-time secretary-general of the ruling party, and many imminent Gandhians.

I used to wear hand-spun clothes, and that is something very spiritual to the Gandhians. It was perfectly good in India’s freedom struggle as a token of protest against Britain, that we would not use clothes manufactured in Manchester, in Lancashire. And it had a certain logic behind it. Before the British rulers came to India, India had such craftsmen that even today there is no technology to create such thin material as was spun and woven by the Indian craftsmen - particularly living in Dacca and around Dacca in Bangladesh. Their clothes were so beautiful that Britain was at a loss as to how to compete with them in the local market.

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