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Chapter 5: The Moon Never Breaks the Water

I said, “Your professor has made some statements, and I have simply asked him, ‘Is it your own experience?’ Do you call that harassing? Do you want to expel me, or should you expel a man who is teaching something which is not his own experience?”

I would tell the principals, “Call that teacher who has reported against me. He has to confront me. I don’t care about any examination or any degree, and I don’t care about your college. But things have to be put right.”

Even the principals would say to me, “You are right, but you don’t understand our problem. We are all carrying borrowed knowledge. We don’t know exactly what the truth is, but we are talking about it. You are a nuisance. Nobody else is asking such questions. Now this professor - who has even threatened to resign if you are not expelled immediately from the college - is an old, very senior man. He is almost near his retirement, and he has never been violent or angry. There has been nothing against him during his twenty years’ service in the college. And suddenly you have made him almost insane. He has not come for three days, he has closed his doors, he does not want to speak to anybody from the college, he does not answer the phone. He has simply written a note, ‘Unless you expel that student, I am not going to come to the college.’”

I said, “There is no problem. You can expel your whole college, you need not be worried about that. But I will follow that man - college or no college. I know his home. I may not be a student in your college, that does not mean.Where is he going to live? I will knock on his doors. Either he has to recognize the fact that his knowledge is borrowed or he has to speak honestly from his experience. I simply want to provoke him.”

I was surprised to know that great professors.because I have been in many colleges, it was a great opportunity. Usually, one ends up with just one college. I was being expelled from one college to another, and later from one university to another. The second university accepted me with the condition that I would not trouble the professors.

I said, “What kind of poverty is this? If you don’t know the answer you can simply say, ‘I don’t know.’ But that hurts your ego.”

They asked me to write down that they are accepting me on the condition that I will not attend any classes. Strange! I don’t think this has happened to anybody else in the whole world. “If I am not to attend the classes, then why are you admitting me? And how am I going to manage my percentage of attendance so I can appear for the examination?”

The vice-chancellor said, “I will take care of your percentage. You are present - one hundred percent! That is my promise to you. But please, don’t go to any class, because I have heard about you so much from other professors, principals. The other vice-chancellor who has expelled you phoned me, ‘Beware of this boy.’ I am accepting you because I can see the point that you are not wrong; just our whole system is wrong. Your only fault is that you are pointing to our wound. I can understand you; that’s why I am giving you admission.

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