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Chapter 1: Empty Your Cup

Don’t look to society and its condemnation. Nobody is to judge you here and nobody can pretend to be a judge. Don’t judge others and don’t be perturbed and disturbed by others’ judgment. You are alone and you are unique. You never were before, you never will be again. You are beautiful. Accept it. And whatsoever happens, allow it to happen and pass through it. Soon, suffering will be a learning; then it has become creative.

Fear will give you fearlessness. Out of anger will come compassion. Out of the understanding of hate, love will be born to you. But this happens not in a conflict, but in a passing-through with alert awareness. Accept, and pass through it. And if you make it a point to pass through every experience, then there will be death, the most intense experience. Life is nothing before it because life cannot be so intense as death.

Life is spread out over a long time - seventy years, one hundred years. Death is intense because it is not spread out - it is in a single moment. Life has to pass one hundred years or seventy years, it cannot be so intense. Death comes in a single moment; it comes whole, not fragmentary. It will be so intense you cannot know anything more intense. But if you are afraid, if before death comes you have escaped, you have be-come unconscious because of the fear, you have missed one of the golden opportunities, the golden gate. If your whole life you have been accepting things, when death comes, patiently, passively you will accept and enter into it without any effort to escape. If you can enter death passively, silently, without any effort, death disappears. When Krishna, Christ, Buddha, Mahavira say you are deathless, they are not talking about a doctrine, they are talking about their own experience.

This can happen here in this camp also, because samadhi is death, dhyan is death, meditation is death. Many times there will be moments when you will suddenly feel you are dying. Don’t escape, allow it to happen. If you allow it to happen, death has gone, death is there no more, and the inner flame, beginningless, endless, has come into being. It has always been there, now you can feel it.

So this should be the sutra. With fear, hate, jealousy, anything whatsoever, don’t create a problem out of it. Accept it, allow it, pass through it, and you will defeat all suffering, all death. And you will become a jinna - a victorious one.

Anything more?

When you talk about our having to suffer, you tell us to be joyful at the same time. Trying to compromise these two things seems difficult.

When I say suffer joyfully it looks paradoxical and your mind starts thinking how to compromise both, because to you they are contradictory. They are not, they only appear contradictory. You can enjoy suffering.