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Chapter 4: Fear Is to Be Understood, Not Conquered

And then you go on saying: “If you conquer the fear then death will not be scary anymore.” Nobody knows anybody in the whole of history who has conquered fear. Even your greatest warriors are trembling inside. And you are making it completely upside down. First you will conquer fear.that is a Don Quixote experiment. How are you going to conquer fear? - aikido, jujitsu, archery? Even nuclear weapons in your hand will not allow you to conquer fear.

Fear is a by-product of your unconsciousness, so the only way to get rid of it, to know its bogus reality, is to become conscious. It is not a question of conquering; fear has nothing to do with it. Once you know what death is, fear disappears.

You are saying, “The other day I was sitting in a place in the hills where people were killed, and I saw that death is sweet.” Great! Other people are killed and you feel that the death is sweet. If it is so sweet, why are you living? Join those dead people in the hills, get killed. And in India there are such simple ways of getting killed - just on MG road, traffic will kill you, you don’t have to manage..

Strange laws exist in the world. If you are caught committing suicide, then the punishment is sending you to the gallows. A strange society we have created. The poor fellow was himself doing the same thing - that was crime. And now the punishment is the same crime. Now it is being done by the government, by the justice department. He himself may have failed, but now there is no possibility of any failure.

Death can be sweet if you move from one body, one existence, one form, with pure awareness into another and higher. Then it is sweet, really sweet. But not for others, only for you.

And you go on intellectually creating the whole question, based on absolute fallacies. You say, “Now I think.” Remember, thinking does not make any sense here. Here you have to know, not to think; here you have to experience, not to think.

Thinking is a poor substitute for experience - and a dangerous substitute, because it will prevent you from experiencing. Do you say to your girlfriend, “I think I love you”? Either you love or you don’t, but from where does this “I think” come? And if the girl belongs to my commune, she is going to give you a good slap to wake you up from your thinking. Love is not a thinking.

But you say, “I think it must be more like this.” Just imagination, guesswork, that death helps one understand fear. Death makes one understand fear, but it is not the death of somebody else, it is your own death, and that too with the condition that you are conscious.

“.that first you experience death and she helps you see what fear is all about.” Seeing the death of other people should create a sadness in you, not sweetness. And it is not going to help you to understand what fear is all about. Only your death.that too with an absolute condition. Moving out of the body with full awareness will not only allow you to understand fear, it will allow you to forget all about fear. It does not exist.

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