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Chapter 10: Beyond Cause and Effect

Sometimes night surrounds me,
sometimes I summon the day.

Sometimes a radiance seeks me,
sometimes I radiate light.
How do I know when it is the voice of my being
and when it is the mind?

I tell you, the recognition is simple: as long as something is spoken, it is the mind speaking. As long as something is visible, the mind is visible. When nothing is seen, when nothing speaks - then what remains is no-mind, is samadhi. As long as there is experience, there is mind. This is why the expression, “The experience of God” is not correct, because experience is always of the mind. Experience is always of duality, of two. How can there be experience when only nonduality remains? This is why the expression “spiritual experience” is not correct. Spirituality is where all experience has ended.

Or you can go on playing games. It is a game of hide-and-seek, of sunlight and shadow. If you want to play, play. It is a delightful play of imagination, very lovely, very juicy - but it is the play of imagination. Do not pretend it is truth. Truth is when there is no I, no thou. Truth is when the two are gone, the duality is gone. Then only one remains: Ek Omkar Satnam - the sound of aum is the truth.

The last question:

Osho! Trillions of bows to you! On sacred Mount Abu, I was blessed to come to the protection of your blessed hand. Since then there is no calculating how much I have lost, how much I have gained. My life has become a gratefulness, a benediction. No question comes, so I am making one up.

Today, on the closing day of the meditation camp, my heart is restless to hear a couple of words from you. Please, just drop two flowers into my beggar’s bowl today.

Why two. Let it be more.

Hari Om Tat Sat!