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Chapter 41: From Information to Transformation

Jivan Mary, the path of spiritual realization knows no differences in experiences. There are not big, significant experiences and small, insignificant experiences. All experiences on the path are exactly of the same significance, because each experience takes you a step deeper into reality, deeper into yourself, deeper into existence.

Your first experience of suddenly encountering a white, shimmering light, and after thirty-two years you came to know that it was the day I had become enlightened. You are not alone in experiencing that; perhaps ten more persons have related the same experience to me. Naturally they were amazed, and there was no clue available to them. Only later on, years afterwards, it became clear to them that there seemed to be some correspondence between my enlightenment and their experience.

There were great distances between me and all these people. But as far as man’s spiritual being is concerned, space and distances do not matter at all. If you are open, if you are available, if you are receptive, then one man becoming enlightened.the experience, the vibration, the light goes around the whole earth. Wherever there are people who can receive it, who can welcome it, who can take it in, they will not only see a shimmering white light - that is the outer manifestation - there is something more hidden behind it. In their seeing, their being has taken a quantum leap.

They will never be the same as they were before. The experience of the light has drawn a line, a discontinuity in their life. Something new has entered: they have become available to the beyond; they are no longer only psychological human beings. Something of the spirit has come out of the darkness, just like an iceberg - a part is above the water, one-tenth. Most of the iceberg is still underneath the water, but a revolution has started.

Your second experience is of even deeper mystery. It is also connected with the first experience. The first experience was my enlightenment. You shared it, you participated in the celebration. You were a welcomed guest. The second experience is indicative of my whole philosophy: I have gone beyond enlightenment; something new is born.

Enlightenment has been, up to now, the ultimate. It is not the ultimate anymore. I have broken the ice. I have opened a small door - a new birth, of a new man, of a new humanity, of a new future.

Enlightenment will always remain of tremendous value, but up to now it was the end. Now it will be again a beginning of a new journey. This breakthrough has immense implications. A few are worth remembering.

One, the old idea of enlightenment was partial. It was partial in the sense that all the religions of the world have emphasized the fact that the man has to renounce the woman, to renounce the world, renounce all the pleasures of the world. He has to become an ascetic - in reality he has to become a self-torturer, because to cut man from woman is the beginning of torture.

Man and woman are part of one whole; they are not opposites, they are complementaries.

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