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Chapter 9: I Want You to Become the Dance

Friedrich Nietzsche is right; his whole life’s experience is condensed in that small statement. He suffered for his virtues.

The Italian priest was preaching about sex and morality to his congregation. “Sex is-a dirty”, he shouted. “I wanna see only good-a girls today. I wanna every virgin in-a church to-a stand up.”

Not a soul moved. Then after a long pause a sexy looking blond holding an infant in her arms got to her feet. “Virgins is-a what I want,” said the outraged priest.

“Hey father,” she asked, “you expect a two month old baby to stand by herself?”

I was in Greece and one of my sannyasins, Amrito, who was my hostess, told me that virginity is the most important quality preached by the Greek Orthodox church. I said, “But are there virgins in Greece?”

She said, “That is a different matter. I have not come across any virgins.”

As a doctrine it is beautiful, but in reality virginity should not be a virtue; it is going against nature. In fact, a man who has any intelligence should not marry a girl who is a virgin; you should expect some experience.

When you employ a servant you ask, “What are your qualifications? Bring all your certificates.” You are going to marry a woman for your whole life; you should at least think that if she has remained a virgin that means no man was attracted to her up to now, so why are you being stupid? First ask how many people she has been in love with. The more experienced she is the better companion she will prove to be, because experience is always valuable. Experience is a virtue in every field!

Whilst you were speaking on Kahlil Gibran and Zarathustra, your words seemed to penetrate without my interpretation directly to the center of my being. I experienced an attunement, a communion happening as nectar that was filling my being. Sometimes, without sobbing, tears simply poured from my eyes, and after almost every discourse I felt for a long while in touch with something far beyond what I know of as myself. With questions and answers this does not happen. I still feel that special whatever-it-is that comes when sitting with you, but not with the depth of intensity I have just described. What is the difference?

The question you have asked raises many other questions too. I would like to cover all the implications in short, because it is important not only to you but for everyone else here.

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